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When viewing the world with our own eyes, we do so in a way that invites distortion and a manipulation of fact. The difference between the eye and the camera is vast and unpredictable – it's fact versus fiction; one world where only light dictates the overall outcome, and another where thoughts, feelings and past encounters play a part in shaping it.

The re-production of a memory into a physical, visual media is something that has always fascinated me. To be able to capture something so esoteric and intangible; a thing that exists only in a three dimensional, inaccessible place. I was intrigued to see just how close I could get to achieving it.

This series depicts my own personal experience of the first few weeks after my move to Cornwall, when the county was still unfamiliar to me. I visited places that I previously hadn't been before, or spent much time in – this series features imagery from Redruth, Falmouth, Penryn and Truro – and documented everything I saw through photography.

I then sat down to recall these places, after some time had passed from my visit, making quick sketches as to what I saw in my minds eye in response. Sometimes nothing more than a flurry of feet or the feeling of being pushed along in a crowd, and sometimes complex structures of buildings – an amalgamation of different facades that had imprinted themselves with the most clarity in my mind. I then created a montage that as best captured the image I saw in my minds eye, combining the initial photographed elements, to create imagery that represented my personal impressions and memory of the place as a whole.

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