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In our everyday lives, it’s all too easy to forget the magnitude of the space that surrounds our planet. In the context of our galaxy, our everyday routines are a milli-fraction of the tiniest speck that is Earth, let alone in comparison to the scale of the universe. We forget the weightlessness of our planet – a fragility that seems so sturdy and solid from our viewpoint that we forget the true scale of things.

This is Not Your Mother Earth is a personal and speculative investigation into the link between night walking, space, and introspection. Drawing upon my own fascination with space and frequent solitary night walks through suburban streets and alleyways. A contrast between the kinetic motion of moving through the suburban environment at night and the still space that hangs above us, results in imagery that conveys to the viewer this sense of atmosphere, introspection and wonder that can be found in this unlikely link between suburbia and space. In these night walks, the Earthly and the celestial blend together fluently – the archaic light of stars and nebulae are mimicked in street lamps and the squares of light from house windows. The mystery of the unknown is equally present in both the unreachable space above us, and the immediate space that surrounds us on Earth.

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